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We create beautiful, highly functional websites and applications. We craft video, build social influence, and help brands engage their fans and thrive in today's interactive digital landscape.

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Fan-powered brand energy

Our Rock Star Advantage

We're the perfect hybrid - bringing out the best of two very different creative models to radically alter the marketing services space: We combine the talent, value and efficiency of crowdsourcing with the quality, privacy, and creative direction you expect from a traditional agency.

By tapping into our community of over 200 creative professionals we can match brands to the best ideas, delivering cost-effective solutions for clients while providing core agency services like strategic guidance and the support you need from conception to final execution and analysis of a campaign.

The Crowd

Every member of our community is hand-picked for their experience, industry credentials and proven track record. You won't find students or beginners here trying to break into the business by working on your project. Our creative and digital professionals form the foundation of our agency and their amazing skillset allows us to consistently exceed client expectations.

Contest sites and speculative work pose risks for both brands and creative talent. We ensure that only the best ideas move into production and that all professionals involved get paid. It protects the brand identity of our clients and it's fair for the crowd.

Our Values

We're changing the way brands buy services with a creative social platform to ideate, produce, and deliver fresh authentic campaigns, enhance current initiatives, rethink or test strategies, launch or support a new product, or create original content for social media channels and other digital and mobile properties.

Creative Choice

Why go to one agency with a limited talent pool of internal creatives, when you could have a choice of the best and most experienced professionals from around the globe? We match the top pitches to your requirements.

Speed & Efficiency

We do the heavy lifting by identifying the perfect creative concept and then managing the selected creatives through production, to the highest standards and within your timeline.


We maintain a constant flow of communication so you always know what's going on with your projects as well as to ensure you get exceptional creative that's in line with your marketing strategy.

Maximum Value

Clients demand the best creativity, want fast turnaround and don't want to waste budget on unnecessary overheads. Our technology platform streamlines the process so you pay for creative work, not the plush offices.


Epic Offerings

Websites & Apps

Design, Development, Analysis

Today people live online, and brands need to meet them there. Starting with comprehensive market and competitive research we build online experiences that engage and move people to take action.

  • Content Management Systems
  • Ecommerce
  • Communities & Fan Sites

Social Media

Management, Content, Applications

We recognize the increasing role social media plays in brand affinity and purchasing decisions. That's why we identify and work with peer influencers to transform them into brand advocates.

  • Profile Creation & Management
  • Applications & Games
  • Advertising & Audience Growth Strategies

Brand Identity

Creative, Voice, User Experience

Maintaining a single, cohensive identity through so many channels isn't easy. We can help you tell the story of your company or product across all forms of media and interaction with style and personality.

  • Logos & Promo Materials
  • Display Ads & Rich Media
  • T-shirts & Packaging


Competitive Analysis & Linkbuilding

More and more consumers are starting with search engines to find the exact thing they're looking for. Whether through paid or natural search, we make sure you're at the top of their list.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Search
  • Blogs & Content Generation


Apps, Games, SMS

New devices hit the market every week with apps becoming part of everyone's daily routine. We're geeks about emerging media and can build a mobile experience that integrates into the lives of your consumers.

  • Mobile Websites
  • SMS Marketing & Advertising
  • Mobile Applications & Games


Storyboarding, Scripting, Production

You've put in a lot of effort into building your site, services and products, but do you have the right visual content? We produce video, motion graphics and photography that lets them take center stage.

  • Educational, Training & Webinars
  • Commercial & Fan-driven Content
  • Marketing & Distribution


Back-stage Titles & Works

Gearhead Diva

Welcome. If you feel that 400 hp is nothing to brag about, then you're in the right place. Clearly you're ready to modify further and slay more tires than the rest. We are enthusiasts with a desire to talk about what matters to us and to help you achieve your goals in building the ultimate ride.

Gearhead Diva is an automotive how-to and car culture community geared towards real enthusiasts featuring installations, performance upgrades and modifications that use common tools your average gearhead already has in their garage.

Whether it's installing bolt-on performance modifications, enhancing the exterior to match your personal style, wiring up your electronics, or preparing your car for a show or track meet, Gearhead Diva pushes the limits of creativity to give enthusiasts the confidence to customize their ride with the products they always wanted and install it themselves.

Tricked Magazine

Coming Winter 2013!

Tricked is a leading source for marketing news, digital innovations, technology, case studies and resources catered specifically to the automotive aftermarket and restyling industries to help your business thrive in today's connected generation.

Join one of our networks to get the latest launch updates and marketing quick tips.

Purple Star Music Group

We selectively work with solo artists, bands, producers and songwriters to manage and develop all aspects of their musical careers.

With almost every imaginable resource under one roof, we are able to act as a single vehicle to create forward momentum by driving everything from talent scouting and musical development to recording and film production, distribution, marketing, promotion, music catalogue building, copyright protection, song placement in commercials or film, booking, and brand/trademark development.

By combining talent, cutting-edge production, informed creative decisions, sound business practices and progressive marketing concepts artists can break in a new era that is driven by touring and online marketing, helping to launch and build musical careers.

How it Works

From Audition to Stardom

Our Process

Working with us gives you access to hundreds of experienced professionals so there's no need to spend time sending out the same RFPs or briefs to lots of different providers. We do all that for you to the creatives we work with every day. Submitting a brief also grants you your own account on our platform where you can track progress of your projects, submit more briefs, and have team members submit their requirements to us in an online collaborative workspace. There's no need to leave the office - just sign in!

The choice of creative professionals and simplicity of an online process means all the overheads you've been used to disappear. There's no unwanted surprises: your agreed budget is what we work towards - and sometimes you may even end up spending less. Clients are always amazed at how quickly and easily everything happens - reviewing pitches, working with your selected creative professionals as well as our in-house team, and seeing everything delivered.


1. Client Brief Outline Requirements

We work with you to outline your creative needs, budgets and timelines and then assemble and fine-tune each element of your brief so that it serves as a blueprint for our creatives.

2. Creative Teams Curate Concepts

We vett and hand pick the creative teams that are best qualified to work on your project. They then submit pitches to our in-house creative team and after a preliminary evaluation, we present you with the top three teams.

3. Pitch Selection Refine Brief

After reviewing each of the three pitches you will provide feedback to the teams who will then further develop their ideas. Upon the final presentation, you select the pitch you would like to move forward to production.

4. Production Set Milestones

Your project will begin immediately and our in-house team will work with you every step of way to ensure that all stages go smoothly and milestones stay on track until the final deliverable.

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